The Vancouver Poetry Conference, hosted by the University of British Columbia in the summer of 1963, is seen by many as a landmark event in the history and development of North American innovative poetry and "a radiant node" in the poetic consciousness changes brought about in the cultural attitudes of the 1960s.

Organized by UBC English professor Warren Tallman and American poet Robert Creeley, the conference was an intense, freewheeling three-week program of discussions, workshops, lectures and readings at which a rising generation of Canadian and American poets was exposed to and in many cases profoundly influenced by the personalities and "New American" open form poetics of the visiting poet-instructors: Charles Olson, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Duncan, Robert Creeley, and Denise Levertov. Their personalities and poetics inspired a rising generation to embrace new, open forms of poetry, and even the field of poetry itself as a meaningful experience for a lifetime's work.

Featuring: Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Phyllis Webb, Fred Wah, Michael Palmer, Clark Coolidge, Daphne Marlatt, George Bowering, Ron Bayes, Robert Hogg, Judith Copithorne, Lionel Kearns. Poem motion graphics by digital poet | Post : SASH Corp Digital Media Non-Inferno Media Productions | a film by Robert Mctavish

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Robert McTavish holds degrees in English (Simon Fraser University) and Journalism (University of Regina). He has made all of Non-Inferno Media's documentaries, as well as freelance writing, film, and radio work - including the recent Phyllis Webb: The Art of Ideas for IDEAS on CBC Radio. He also edited A Long Continual Argument: The Selected Poems of John Newlove for Chaudiere Books (Ottawa, 2007).